investments in the field
lending to MFO

AB INNOVATIONS LTD is a leading company in the field of lending to microfinance institutions, registered in the UK, registration number 09345632.

AB INNOVATIONS is on the market since 2014. During this time our team has developed a robust investment strategy in IFC and ICC. We has implemented an online platform to facilitate cooperation with the company and income from its activities.

The main business of AB INNOVATIONS - issuance of short-term and medium-term loans of microfinance organizations, operating on the territory of the Russian Federation, CIS and Europe.

the «STANDARD» tariff


3$ - 999$

195 rub - 64999 rub

Loan +40%
to the Deposit amount for a period of 40 days

*Total percent 2.1 per day for the loan period

Period of Deposit 1 year

the «ATTRACTIVE» tariff


1000$ - 9999$

65000 rub - 649999 rub

Loan +50%
to the Deposit amount for a period of 40 days

*Total percent 2.55 per day for the loan period

Period of Deposit 1 year

the «MAXIMUM» tariff


10000$ - 100000$

650000 rub - 6500000 rub

Loan +60%
to the Deposit amount for a period of 40 days

*Total percent 3.04 per day for the loan period

Period of Deposit 1 year

Profit calculator


Total profit for 365 days

Profit for 180 days

Profit for 40 days

Profit for 7 days

1.50% daily
+50% to deposit
* calculator calculates profit with a loan for 40 days
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What is investment in microfinance organizations (MFOs)? Learn more

AB INNOVATIONS is not engaged in lending to the individuals and companies, the funds of our investors are used for loans to microfinance institutions (MFC, MCC). According to the adopted amendments to the Federal Law 151-FZ "On microfinance and microfinance organizations" and the normative act 407-FZ, dated December 29, 2015, strict restrictions were introduced that regulate the activities of both MFOs and investment opportunities in these organizations.

What restrictions exist today for investments of the individuals in MFO?
- The minimum loan amount from 1 500 000 rubles.
- MFO can change the size of the interest rate in relation to the individuals without notice to the client.
- The MCC has no right to raise funds of citizens who are not the founders of the company.
- Payment of dividends to an individual is strictly regulated and limited. etc.

Cooperating with AB INNOVATIONS, you will be able to earn in the licensed and controlled by the Central Bank of Russia financial sector with advanced features.

Why do we invest depositors ' funds in MFO precisely?
- MFO activities are controlled by the Central Bank and Federal law 151-FZ.
- We cooperate only with microfinance companies that have proven their competence and safety within the SRO. The authority that oversees the work of MFO under the current legislation and industry standards.
- All AB INNOVATIONS partners have the authorized capital is not less than 70 000 000 rubles.
- MFOs are insured for the full amount of investments.

Compare with other types of investments?

Types of investmentsRateRisksAffiliate programDeposit currency
AB INNOVATIONS LTDto 58.9% per months
+ loan 60% of the deposit
for 40 days
low, all MFOs
are insured
for the full amount of the investments
yesrubles / dollars
Bank depositsup to 10% per yearlow, insurance
to 1.4 million rubles
PDAup to 14% per yearlow, insurednorubles
Real estateup to 5-8% per yearaveragenorubles
Currencyup to 15% per yearhighno
Cryptocurrencyup to 20% per monthvery highno

Why choose us?

A stable and high income

The MFO market is constantly growing and evolving, wich gives confidence in the long-term strategy profit.

Registered company

AB INNOVATIONS registered in UK and has the registration number 09345632.

Instant deposit and withdrawal

Deposit and withdrawal available instantly on payment systems: Visa/Mastercard, YandexMoney, Qiwi,Payeer, AdvCash, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Etherium.

The income in rubles and in dollars

The ability to create deposits both in rubles and in dollars.

Reliable investment protection

The protection of personal data License of the software. The SSL-certificate, DDOS protection.

24/7 support

Round the clock online support is available seven days a week. Quick solution to any issues our partners.

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